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Calendar, which shows the current year, month and day.

Tags: Daily calendar, Opera Extension, Speed Dial Extension, Calendar, Opera, Speed Dial,

Date Time Functions 0.4 Date Time Functions

Date Time Functions is an extensive date/time library for Kommander.

Tags: date library, time library, time functions, date, time, library,

Email::Store::Date 0.256 Email::Store::Date

A module which provides a Time::Piece object representing a date for the mail

Tags: Time::Piece object, restore mail date, Perl module, Time, object, Perl,

Test::Reporter::Date::Format 1.27 Test::Reporter::Date::Format

Test::Reporter::Date::Format Perl module contains date formating subroutines.

Tags: date formating, Perl subroutines, Perl module, Test::Reporter::Date, date, formating,

JoneSoft Date Calculator JoneSoft Date Calculator

Allows you to find the difference between two dates

Tags: Date Difference, Calculate Date, Start Date, Calculator, Calculate, Calculation,

Time and Date 1.24 Time and Date

The Time and Date Opera widget is a feature packed and configurable calendar widget

Tags: display time, display date, opera widget, time, date, calendar,

Simple Date & System Functions 2.35 Simple Date & System Functions

Displays the current time and date in a specific format

Tags: Sidebar Gadget, Time and Date, System Function, Sidebar, Gadget, Time,

CS Date Reminder 3.0 CS Date Reminder

CS Date Reminder is a clever little tool that allows you to store your important dates such as birthdays and meetings

Tags: Date Reminder, event reminder, event organizer, reminder, remind, organize,

Dual Date 1.0 Dual Date

Dual Date Datebook but two columns.

Tags: date book, datebook enhancement, datebook, enhacement, display,

Date Display Date Display

This Google gadget displays the current date in the form of a wall calendar

Tags: date view, calendar view, google gadget, date, calendar, view,

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