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Calendar, which shows the current year, month and day.

Tags: Daily calendar, Opera Extension, Speed Dial Extension, Calendar, Opera, Speed Dial,

File Date Time 1.1 File Date Time

This program can set all files or a number of selected files in a directory to the same date and time

Tags: File Date Changer, Change File Date, File Time Changer, File Date, File Time, Changer,

Date-Time Date-Time

Date and time display for your desktop.

Tags: display date and time, desktop clock, view date and time, viewer, display, view,

Date Picker/Calendar 1.0.82 Date Picker/Calendar

Date Picker/Calendar Date Picker/Calendar adds a quick popup allowing you to view a calendar or pick a date.

Tags: Date Picker, Date Calendar, Picker Calendar, Date, Calendar, Picker,

Date Window Date Window

A useful application that displays the current date on your desktop

Tags: date viewer, display current date, date revealer, date, viewer, revealer,

Date and Time Calculator 1.00.0000 Date and Time Calculator

Date and Time Calculator will let you easily add and subtract dates and time intervals.

Tags: time calculator, date calculator, date and time, time, date, calculator,

Date on Taskbar 1.0 Date on Taskbar

This application will display the date (in your language) on the screen taskbar

Tags: countdown timer, display date, mini calendar, date, taskbar, display,

Ultimate Date Calculator 2.9.0 Ultimate Date Calculator

A professional date calculator for commercial & government use

Tags: date calculator, report format, store calculation, date, calculator, calendar,

MDDIFF String Date Difference 1.1.0 MDDIFF String Date Difference

Download MDDIFF String Date Difference - A string date difference routine.

Tags: String Date Difference, String Routine, String Difference, String, Routine, Difference,

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