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Download Finance - This is a high qualilty collection of icons for your PC

Tags: icon pack, financial icon, icon collection, icon, pack, iconset,

Finance::Bank::Smile 0.05 Finance::Bank::Smile

Check your Smile bank accounts from Perl

Tags: bank account, account checker, Perl module, bank, account, finance,

Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Asia 1.12 Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Asia

Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Asia is Perl module to fetch quotes from Yahoo Asia.

Tags: fetch quotes, Yahoo Asia, Perl module, Finance::Quote::Yaho, fetch, quotes,

Finance::BDT 0.01 Finance::BDT

A Perl module that implements BDT yield curve model.

Tags: BDT yield implementation, curve model implementation, Perl module, Finance, BDT, yield,

Finance-QuoteHist 1.07 Finance-QuoteHist

Finance-QuoteHist provides Finance::QuoteHist, a Perl module that provides easy fetching of historical stock quotes.

Tags: Perl module, historical stock quotes, fetch stock quotes, Finance-QuoteHist, Finance, QuoteHist,

Finance Planner Finance Planner

Finance Planner allows you to track all your expenses and incomes.

Tags: incomes, track expenses, allows track, track expenses incomes, expenses incomes, finance, incomes, track, allows, planner, expenses,

Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter 0.4 Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter

Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter is a greasemonkey script that will automatically convert every foreign currency.

Tags: Currency Converter, greasemonkey script, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo!, Finance, Currency,

Personal Finance Articles 1 Personal Finance Articles

Personal Finance Firefox Browsing Toolbar. Achieve Wealth Online.

Tags: personal finance articles, personal finance, toolbar, Firefox toolbar, browser toolbar, mozilla browser toolbar,

Finance::InteractiveBrokers::TWS 0.1.1 Finance::InteractiveBrokers::TWS

A Perl module that lets you talk to Interactivebrokers Trader's Workstation.

Tags: Interactivebrokers Trader, Trader Workstation, Perl module, Finance::Interactive, Interactivebrokers, Trader,

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