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Easy connection to ODBC data sources for any application, DOS too

Tags: SQL querie, ODBC data-source, windows utility, ODBC, SQL, querie,

My ODBC Oracle 8 C My ODBC Oracle

Shows programmers how to use ODBC with C programs

Tags: ODBC Oracle, ODBC Database, Access ODBC, ODBC, Oracle, Database,

ODBC .NET Data Provider 1.0.4030.0 ODBC .NET Data Provider

An add-on component to the .NET Framework.

Tags: Data Provider, ODBC .NET, NET Framework add-in, ODBC, NET Framework, Add-in,

ODBC Database and Serial Data Logger ODBC Database and Serial Data Logger

A useful plugin for Accurate Printer Monitor

Tags: data logger, ODBC export, serial data logger, export, exporter, ODBC,


Command line tool enumerates or exports ODBC data source name list to text file

Tags: Data Source Name, ODBC DSN, Batch Execution, ODBC, Source, Batch,

ODBC Database Engine - ODBC Database Engine

ODBC Database Engine-package that combines all design benefits of Database Engine components and performance of ODBC data access

Tags: ODBC data, manipulate blob, debug application, BDE, odbc, blob,

ODBC Dataviewer ODBC Dataviewer

A small utility to make ODBC connections and send SQL queries

Tags: Database Viewer, View Database, ODBC Viewer, ODBC, Database, Viewer,

ODBC client 0.4.2 ODBC client

Connect to MS SQL Server through ODBC datasources.

Tags: connect SQL Server, ODBC datasource, SQL Server connection, connect, connection, SQL Server,

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