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Voodoo Chat Skin Editor 1.0 Voodoo Chat Skin Editor

Making skins for voodoo is fast and easy with the simple skinmaker program!

Tags: Voodoo Chat, Skin Editor, extract graphic, Voodoo, Chat, Skin,

Voodoo Chat Server 14p2 Voodoo Chat Server

Voodoo Chat is a free graphical chat community!

Tags: graphical chat, voice calling, create room, graphical, chat, server,

Voodoo Chat Client 8x3 Voodoo Chat Client

Download Voodoo Chat Client - This is a configurable software application that enables any type of user to gain quick and easy access to a graphical...

Tags: email client, graphical chat, chat room, email, client, chat,

Simple Voodoo Emoticon Maker 1.0 Simple Voodoo Emoticon Maker

Simple Voodoo Emoticon Maker is a simple program to compile VEM emoticon files

Tags: Voodoo Chat, Emoticon Maker, compile VEM, Voodoo, Chat, Emoticon,

Voodoo Quest Companion 1.0 Voodoo Quest Companion

Voodoo Quest Companion is a simple program that automatically creates text to send on QUEST channel globals

Tags: Quest Companion, Voodoo Chat, spam filter, Quest, Companion, Voodoo,

Simple Voodoo Bite Maker 1.0 Simple Voodoo Bite Maker

Simple Voodoo Bite Maker is a simple program to compile VOB bite files

Tags: Voodoo Chat, Bite Maker, compile VOB, Voodoo, chat, Bite,

Voodoo Code Squire 1.1 Voodoo Code Squire

Code Squire monitors the QUEST channel on Voodoo and stores all the codes it sees

Tags: Code Squire, Voodoo Chat, QUEST channel, Code, Squire, Voodoo,

AVCam Basic  1 1 0 1 AVCam Basic

AVCam lets your webcam and Voodoo work together to create realtime images to use as Avatars

Tags: Voodoo Chat, create realtime image, chat Avatar, webcam, Avatar, chat,

VPA2VOG Gesture Convert 1.0 VPA2VOG Gesture Convert

VPA2VOG Gesture Convert will take all your Virtual Places VPA format gestures and turn them into Voodoo-ready VOG gestures

Tags: VPA to VOG, Gesture Convert, Voodoo Chat, VPA, VOG, Gesture,

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