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SQL Server FineBuild 2.0.0 SQL Server FineBuild

1-click install and best-practice configuration of SQL Server

Tags: SQL Server Configuration, SQL Server Configurator, Workstation Build, SQL Server, FineBuild, Configurator,

Parallels Workstation 4.0.6630 Build 449744 screenshot Parallels Workstation 4.0.6630 Build

Parallels Workstation A powerful desktop virtualization solution

Tags: system emulator, virtual machine, multiple workstations, system, emulator, virtual,

PowerStrip 3.75 Build 586 Beta PowerStrip 3.75 Build 586

PowerStrip provides advanced, multi-monitor, programmable hardware support to a wide range of graphics cards - from the venerable Matrox Millennium...

Tags: PowerStrip, PowerStrip 3.75 Build, PowerStrip 3.75 Build 586 Beta, PowerStrip 3.75, display settings, access to, build, beta, display, program, quick, system, Video Tweak, System,

WinMP3Shrink 1.3 build 1396 WinMP3Shrink 1.3 build

Simply encode or re-encode your MP3 by using the famous Lame encoder. Has a simple and efficient front-end.

Tags: WinMP3Shrink, WinMP3Shrink 1.3, MP3, folder structure, 1.3, folder, 1396, build, encode, structure, WinMP3Shrink 1.3 build 1396, Audio Driver, Sound Card,

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