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YAML::AppConfig 0.16 YAML::AppConfig

YAML::AppConfig 0.16 YAML::AppConfig can manage configuration files with YAML and variable reference.

Tags: manage configurations, YAML configurations, Perl module, YAML, configurations, Perl,

Test::YAML::Valid 0.03 Test::YAML::Valid

Test::YAML::Valid is a Perl module to test for valid YAML.

Tags: YAML testing, valid YAML, Perl module, Test::YAML::Valid, YAML, valid,

DataFlow::Proc::YAML 1.112100 DataFlow::Proc::YAML

DataFlow::Proc::YAML A YAML converting processor

Tags: YAML converter, YAML processor, Perl module, Perl, YAML, converter,

rosendale.yaml 0.2.0 rosendale.yaml

Yaml Output Handler Plugin for Applications Built on Cement

Tags: output handler, Yaml output, Yaml, output, handler,

YAML::Parser::Syck 0.01 YAML::Parser::Syck

YAML::Parser::Syck Perl Wrapper for the YAML Parser Extension: libsyck

Tags: YAML Parser, libsyck wrapper, Perl module, Perl, libsyck, wrapper,

CGI::Application::Plugin::YAML 0.03 CGI::Application::Plugin::YAML

CGI::Application::Plugin::YAML YAML methods for CGI::App

Tags: YAML methods, YAML::Any wrapper, Perl module, Perl, YAML::Any, wrapper,

Catalyst::Plugin::Config::YAML 0.04 screenshot Catalyst::Plugin::Config::YAML

Catalyst::Plugin::Config::YAML Configure your Catalyst application via an external YAML file

Tags: Catalyst plugin, Perl module, Catalyst, YAML, Perl,

yafowil.yaml 1.0.3 yafowil.yaml

yafowil.yaml YAML parser for widget trees

Tags: YAFOWIL forms, YAML parser, widget trees, YAML, YAFOWIL, forms,

CPAN::Meta::YAML 0.008 CPAN::Meta::YAML

CPAN::Meta::YAML Implements a subset of the YAML specification

Tags: YAML specification, CPAN metadata, Perl module, Perl, YAML, specification,

YAMLParser 20080821 YAMLParser

YAMLParser 20080821 was  designed to be a professional and simple tool that will lets you to process YAML based files.

Tags: YAMLParser, YAML, YAMLParser 20080821, to process, simple tool, based, files, simple, tool, professional, lets, Misc Programming Tools, Software Development,

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