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TS-MIDI Editor 1.00 TS-MIDI Editor

TS-MIDI Editor will allow you to quickly and effectively correct the results of the automatic recognition

Tags: MIDI Editor, edit midi, edit notes, midi, editor, note,

ActiveNote 4.01 ActiveNote

ActiveNote is an electronic note editor.

Tags: electronic notes, notes keeper, edit notes, note, editor, edit,

MyStickies 0.1.7 MyStickies

MyStickies allows you to place sticky notes all over the web and organize them with tags.

Tags: web, notes, tags, mystickies, notes free, sort edit, edit notes free, free web, sticky, edit notes, allows, free, edit, sort, tool, based,

PocketThinker 1.5.15 PocketThinker

PocketThinker PocketThinker is an easy-to-use and powerful outliner for Pocket PC.

Tags: edit notes, organize notes, outliner, organizer, note,

Igor Engraver 1.7 Igor Engraver

Igor Engraver offers the professional engraver control over all aspects of the notation of music

Tags: music notation, notate music, edit notes, engraver, control, music,

SyncMemo 0.1 SyncMemo

SyncMemo A simple text editor.

Tags: text editor, edit notes, display notes, text, notes, editor,

EmEditor Notes 1.0.1 EmEditor Notes

Download EmEditor Notes - Allows you to write notes quickly, and continue editing with EmEditor

Tags: EmEditor Gadget, Notes Gadget, Sidebar Gadget, EmEditor, Gadget, Notes,

Best Call Notes (S60 3rd Edition) 2.00 Best Call Notes (S60 3rd Edition)

Best Call Notes (S60 3rd Edition) Best Call Notes allows you to take notes during a call.

Tags: text note, take notes, text, note, call,

Advance Notes Management Software 1.52 Advance Notes Management Software

Professional notes organizer create, edit and print to-do lists or reminders

Tags: Notes, organizer, software, add, edit, delete, search, mark, checklist, create, reminders, trigger, alert, applications, download, business,

Helix Notes 0. Helix Notes 0.

Helix Notes A note taker for GNOME

Tags: note taker, take notes, notes, taker, editor,

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