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GoF Interpreter Example GoF Interpreter Example

Demonstrates the use a the GoF Interpreter Pattern in a straightforward example

Tags: GoF Interpreter, Pattern Interpreter, Expression Interpreter, GoF, Interpreter, Pattern,

Perl Interpreter for SL4A r1 Perl Interpreter for SL4A

Perl Interpreter for SL4A Perl interpreter for SL4A (Scripting Layer for Android).

Tags: SL4A interpreter, Perl interpreter, SL4A, Perl, interpreter,

Interpreter English-Portuguese 2.3 Interpreter English-Portuguese

Interpreter is a language translation program that runs on your Pocket PC.

Tags: portuguese translator, portguese interpreter, voice translator, translator, language, portuguese,

Kit's JavaScript Brainf*ck Interpreter 0.01 Kit's JavaScript Brainf*ck Interpreter

Kit's JavaScript Brainf*ck Interpreter is a rather fast interpreter for the Brainf*ck esoteric programming language.

Tags: Linux interpreter, Brainfuck language, programming language, Brainfuck, programming, interpreter,

The Jim Interpreter 0.72 screenshot The Jim Interpreter

The Jim Interpreter A small footprint implementation of the Tcl programming language

Tags: footprint implementation, Jim Interpreter, Tcl implementation, footprint, implementation, Jim,

Piet::Interpreter 0.03 Piet::Interpreter

Piet::Interpreter A Perl interpreter for the Piet programming language

Tags: Perl interpreter, Piet programming, Perl module, Piet::Interpreter, Perl, interpreter,

DC3 Compiler - Interpreter 1.0 DC3 Compiler - Interpreter

DC3 Compiler - Interpreter is a VB like compiler/interpreter

Tags: vb compiler, fully functional, code interpreter, code, basic,

Php Logo Interpreter 0.1 Php Logo Interpreter

Php Logo Interpreter project is a logo language interpreter.

Tags: logo interpreter, language interpreter, programming language, PHP, logo, interpreter,

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