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Gecko Programming Language  1.0 Gecko Programming Language

Gecko is a unique, useful and RESULT-ORIENTED Programming Language

Tags: Programming Language, query language, library language, query, library, language,

Rquerypad 0.1.15 Rquerypad

Rquerypad is a tool to simplify query options with association automation and improve inner join for ActiveRecord of Rails.

Tags: query language, object-oriented framework, Ruby library, Ruby, query, object-oriented,

NCql 1.0 NCql

Allows developer to use the CQL Language in their own projects

Tags: Contextual Query language, CQL Query, Contextual Query, CQL, Query, Parser,


Query language for the accidental programmer

Tags: query language, hyper text, URI-to-SQL translator, query, language, hyper,

Advanced Excel To PDF Table Converter Advanced Excel To PDF Table

Advanced Excel To PDF Table Converter provides a flexible and extensive feature set designed to allow execution of SQL (Structured Query Language)...

Tags: CSV, PDF, Advanced Excel To PDF Table Converter, Convert CSV, Change CSV, Structured Query Language, Excel to PDF, pdf table converter, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, PDF table, Advanced Excel, table converter, to pdf, Import CSV, export csv, rtf,

pksh 0.2.2 pksh

pksh The Packet Shell

Tags: network sniffer, query language, packet shell, shell, sniffer, tcsh,

GigaBASE 3.80 GigaBASE

A database engine for your C++ programs.

Tags: database engine, develop C++ application, query language, engine, develop, development,

NeoDatis ODB 2.1 Beta16 NeoDatis ODB

A database utility to help you with your work.

Tags: explore database, database explorer, query language, explore, explorer, query,

Export Table to SQL for MS SQL server Export Table to SQL for MS SQL server

This software is designed to help you export parts of your tables to SQL statements.

Tags: database export tool, SQL server, Structured Query Language, database, export, SQL,

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