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KM Rover Logger 3.51 KM Rover Logger

A radio contest logger for radio amateurs.

Tags: radio logger, contest logger, contest log, radio, contest, log,

Fieldday Logger 1200f Fieldday Logger

A contest logging database that radio amateurs can easily customize.

Tags: contest logger, log database, radio logger, logger, log, fieldday,

SQUIRL - Field Day Logger SQUIRL - Field Day Logger

A logging software that radio amateurs will appreciate.

Tags: radio logger, field logger, log radio, radio, logger, log,

N1MM Logger 13.1.0 N1MM Logger

Download N1MM Logger - A useful software solution that was especially designed in order to serve as a simple means of logging contests for radio...

Tags: contest logger, radio logger, antena mapper, logger, log, contest,

Field Day Logger 02.03 Field Day Logger

Contest logging from with a command line application.

Tags: radio logger, contest logger, radio log, log, logger, radio,

Logger32 3.31 Logger32

A simple to use logbook for radio amateurs from all around the world.

Tags: radio logger, radio log, radio logbook, logbook, logger, log,

NA Sprint Contest Log 2.1 NA Sprint Contest Log

Radio amateurs can use this contest logging software with ease.

Tags: contest logger, contest log, radio logger, contest, logger, log,

wxLogbook 1.130 wxLogbook

A no frills amateur radio logging program

Tags: radio logger, radio logbook, DDE client receiver, logger, radio, DDE client,

Field Day Log System 1.0 Field Day Log System

A logging application for radio amateurs.

Tags: callsign logger, radio logger, log callsign, callsign, logger, log,

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