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OS Support: Linux, Linux Console, Linux Open Sour, Linux Gnome

version 1.0

Size 763Mb

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License: Freeware

Date added: 27 Jan 2012

Last Update: 24 May 2010

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ArmorOfGod Operating System!


AOGOS Linux i686 1.0 screenshot

AOGOS Linux i686 is a Slackware current-based live USB/DVD for Christians!

Based on nFlux Slackware 13.1 rc2/current i686

Basically it is nflux slack edition; just with alot of bible apps and depends included.

It comes as a ZIP file as it is mainly for USB (763MB)
If you want to make an iso (DVD), there is a script named
"" in /boot folder
Just invoke the script and name your iso and it will create a DVD size iso


added "guest" account for aogos edition

Improved the "nflux-installer"; please see all info in /usr/doc including "info"
and "manual-install"
Added a linux_logo that shows at console login; the source is in /usr/doc
and can be remade. Just use
./configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install (read the docs too)
removed grub2 for grub legacy
created a grub2 module that can be optionally loaded from boot menu
left linux-live-6.3.0 folder in /root for remastering

added all upgrades to 13.1 rc2/current
recompiled live kernel source using new headers(, etc

rebuilt all sbopkgs against all new upgrades
rebuilt abiword and gnumeric from source into pkgs
Many improvements to underlying system and fluxbox menu,etc

The Slax specific boot parameters, persistent CD/USB info and Slax info can all be found at these links.

Slax boot cheatcodes:

Slax persistent CD/USB:

The AOGOS/nFlux Slackware Current Edition contains the full power of a complete slackware install
minus JRE and QT4.
Bible Apps include Bibletime 2.6, Sword 1.6.1, BibleDesktop , Alkitab , and many cool Christian
helper scripts and themes, etc
Notable Apps include Abiword, Gnumeric, Kompozer, Nano, MC, Firefox, Gxine, and many other
cool apps, some are made from source, then made into slackpkg's.

This version features all compiling and development tools needed to make packages, along with SBopkg and src2pkg.

Install, etc info:

Install to hard drive:

This slackware version has a terminal-driven install script (nflux-installer), and there is a manual method that I have used many times and is documented here

Also note that the how-to is for experienced users familiar with Lilo. Grub1 is installed also, (and grub2 as module) but you would have to manually setup everything which really isn’t that hard.

Install to USB:

Follow the links above about slax info as this version was made with LinuxLiveScripts and thus runs as Slax does. Slax 6.1.2 modules, etc are not compatible because Slax is 12.2 and this version is slackware/current. However, you can easily convert slack 13 pkg’s into slax modules.

Window Manager:

Display Manager:
Gnome Display Manager GDM

User Names & Passwords!

username: guest
password: guest

username: root
password: toor

´╗┐Its current as of 05/21 so it has newest upgrades.
Configure X?
a script named xconf sourced from Slax Linux will try to autoconfigure x for you.
If you choose No it will use Vesa driver.
If neither normal xconf works and vesa configure doesn't work
aftre logging in, use nano, mc, or vi to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf
or copy existing vesa xorg.conf to reg xorg.conf

cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf-vesa /etc/X11/xorg.conf

How to start X?

There are three ways to startx X

1) after logging in type in "startx"

2) after logging in type in "gdm", and GDM will run desktop.

There are no known bugs.

Please if any questions or comments, post them here:;-a-fluxbox-oriented-trinity-of-distros-804611/

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Version History
Version 1.0 added on: 27 Jan 2012

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