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version 1.0

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Date added: 08 Sep 2011

Last Update: 03 Oct 2006

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Gecko is a unique, useful and RESULT-ORIENTED Programming Language

GeckoSoft Nigeria

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Gecko is a unique, useful and RESULT-ORIENTED Programming Language developed by Chidiebere M. Dimkpa in 2002.

By "result-oriented" is meant that Gecko is a language that does not require the programmer to possess any special skills. All the work has been done for you, and all you need to know is how to command (query) the server.

Gecko is unique because:

1. It is a Query Language

2. It is a Library Language

Gecko is a Query Language because programs (called Queries) are simple commands given to the server. There is no extensive programmability in Gecko, and all programmability is limited to FUNCTION/QUERY PARAMETERS only. This is purposely done to bridge the gap between the novice programmer and the expert.

Gecko is a Library Language because when run, every valid query type in Gecko invokes a particular inbuilt function. Hence there are "libraries" of functions which are called-upon each time a query is executed. These function libraries are highly adaptible, and for this reason, the Gecko Server is continuously being enhanced.

Gecko is a Server-based language. In other words, it is an Interpreted (Translated) language. This version of the Gecko Server is built in/with Liberty BASIC.


· This version of the Gecko Server is written in Liberty BASIC, and can only be compiled with the Liberty BASIC compiler. If you already have Liberty BASIC, check to see that it is greater than version 3 (version 4.X.X). If you do not have Liberty BASIC, you may download a free 30-day trial version from the manufacturer's website:


· 10 switches, 12 functions

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Version 1.0 added on: 08 Sep 2011

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